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Get More Clients. Increase Revenue. Grow Your Company.

All DubaTech websites are designed with the sole purpose of improving your bottom line. Coupled with Pay Per Click Marketing, DubaTech can transform your company and grow your business!

Web Design Services Starting at $1000

Let DubaTech create a FREE, one-page sample of what your new website could be!

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Our Services


Search Engine Optimization

We will optimize your site so Google and other search engines show your business when someone searches for services in your industry

Custom Website Design

Work with us to design your website to be unique to your brand and beautiful to the eye, with the goal of converting visitors into customers

Social Media and Digital Marketing

We can create the perfect digital marketing plan to get engagement from social media and conversions from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and more!

People are Looking for Service businesses through the web now more than ever



Web searches performed from a mobile device


Location-based searches that result in an offline purchase


People perform online research before making a purchase

Let's Work Together!

DubaTech would love the opportunity to show you what we can do! Just reach out and we can set up a one-page sample of what your site could look like with us. Of course, this would be absolutely free and with no obligation.

Monthly Reporting

We track every click to your website so we can see where traffic is coming from, where we want to improve, and how to better capitalize on the traffic coming in. Using this information month to month we can grow your traffic and convert more customers

Answers to Your Questions

How long does it take?

Most websites we create can be done in under a month. After an initial consultation to see what your business goals are, we will design and refine until it is the perfect representation of your business.

How much do your services cost?

It is extremely hard to say exactly what your website design/re-design could cost without a quick call or email. But rest assured the range of options is so wide that we can accommodate almost any small business budget!

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing a website in a manner that makes it more appealing to search engines. There are a ton of technical things behind the scenes of a website that Google likes to see done correctly in order to trust that your website is one that they will recommend. 

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is the practice of creating content outside of your website that links back to your site. The more trustworthy the source referencing your site is, the more Google will see your site as trustworthy, and hence something worth sending traffic to.

What is Google PPC?

Google Pay-per-click is Google’s extensive network of advertising available to anyone with even a small advertising budget. We can test a bevy of different ads and analyze which ones convert better for less. Over time we can find the correct ad budget to maximize your return on investment.

What is a ‘Secure’ Website?

A ‘secure’ website is one that has an SSL certificate, and whose data is encrypted. You can tell if a website is secure simply by seeing if it starts with https.  If your site is just ‘http’, then it is vulnerable and Google will  flag it as non-secure.


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